Here is a small list of some of the sites VortexHost hosts, along with a few words sent in by our customers. If you would like your site listed here please use the form below. We're happy to include a link back to our customers.


I've been a customer of Vortex Host for about 7+ years now. And I had a question about MySql. I was contacted in about 5 min, After All this Time the Customer Service Is Still A++++++++++. All I Can Say Is WOW. Keep It Up. I Would Recommend Vortex Host To Anyone That Needs Hosting Services. Thanks

Domain: Diecast Auctions - www.diecastauctions.com

Toronto Home Staging - Rozetta S.

I would like to compliment VortexHost on your excellent service. I really appreciate the prompt replies I get, especially when I deal with Justin. He is not only very polite and personable but he sure knows his business , very professional. We are very pleased with your hosting and have recommended you to others. Thanks again

Domain: Toronto Home Staging - www.torontohomestaging.com


Even when they made it clear that they are not responsible for problems with add ons to PHP, Justin was there every step of the way to help me. Without him I couldn't have made my site www.celebecards.net get off the ground. I will still need some help and It comforts me to know you can get it from Vortex.

Domain: http://www.celebecards.net


I didn't have much confidence in getting a phpnuke site up and running...I had tried other host... Justin had me up and running in no time and has given me valuable assistance ever since. You wont go wrong with this Host!!

Domain: http://www.BDBGaming.com

Theresa F.

If you're looking for a great webhost and awesome tech support, you've found it! I've never had to wait more than 30 min for a response to my support issues and Justin is just awesome! Great work Justin! Great prices, great service! :)

Domain: http://www.f14tc.com

Scott G.

I've been self hosting my site on a DSL modem for quite some time. Votexhost completly blows me away with all the options. Tech support is first rate. After playing around trying to get a database working for a couple of weeks, I contacted tech support and in less than 5 min no only did they import the database for me but had the whole site up and running. First rate company. You can do no better than here

Domain: http://www.nebra.org

Anthony S., CEO, Open Source Stratagies

I've never used a hosting service where service was SO quick. I don't think I've ever waited more than 30 minutes for an answer from you guys, have had nearly no downtime, and excellent speed and reliability. Nope, not going anywhere anytime soon.

Thanks Again!

Domain: http://www.opensource-strategies.com


I just wanted to drop you guys a line and say that my experiences with Vortexhost have been second to none. I had things up and running in minutes. Excellent work guys. Excellent control panel. I'll be back for more, that's for sure.

Vortex host has been able to find a solution to every one of my problems including making special changes just so I can move ahead with a project. The personal time with the server admin and the help with every aspect makes me give Vortexhost a two thumbs up rating.


I have only good things to say about Vortex. Before setting up an account I had a few questions which were quickly answered. After placing my order, my accounts were set up very quickly and perfectly.

I have to say it was very refreshing to run across Vortex, because it has be A+ service. (to think I found them just through a google search on hosting... talk about luck!)

Thanks again Justin for all your help!


Hey guys my name is Alex, and I am a new Vortex Customer. Just wanted to drop by, and thank Justin for his help.. past, present, and future. For the little time I have been a customer, I am amazed at the quick response Ive received @ Vortex. They really do pay atttention to the customer's needs!


This Host actually values their customers and what they need, or for my 'dummy case' - what I thought I needed

I've gotta tell all the people that use crappy hosting, YOU NEED TO SWITCH! Seriously. I've been building HTML sites for a long time, and I new that I needed to switch over to something more powerful, but I honestly didn't have a clue on how to do that. I see now that I really still don't have a clue, BUT, I really didn't need one.


Great host, great value. Performance is good. Support is excellent.


Vortexhost is great. Justin is the man! I switched over to vortexhost because of the tech support! That is right, I received tech support from Justin regarding a phpbb message board I was setting up. He was so helpful that I moved my hosting to him. No plans on leaving either. I would, and do, recommend vortexhost to anyone and everyone. So if you are looking to set up for the first time, or just looking for a better value, look no further!


These guys BY FAR are the greatest hosts I've ever come across. The tech support/admin is unbelievably helpful & knowledgable. I would definitely recommend to ANYONE!



I thank you for your speedy service. It's nice to have such an exceptional host.


I have my own personal site hosted by Justin as well, and what can I say? Definitely wouldn't go for another webhost at this point. I learned much of my PHP knowledge from him. The speed is great, the service and support, even better.

Kudos Justin for this great service


had a little trouble setting up PHPNuke, And just emailed justin, in about 4 min. got a reply, and about 10 min. later up and running... Ive hosted with a lot of sites, and never had customer support this quick, or good for that matter.... Keep Up the good work!!!!!


Setting up was wonderfully easy. I emailed Justin and in no time he had a test account setup for me. Two days later I paid him and everything seems to have been moved over fine. I am waiting for my domain to be registered and setup, otherwise, nothing but praise and admiration on this end.

I am amazed with Vortexhost.com. It was superb and continues to amaze me. Anything I don't know, I get instant help with, even if its a bit of coding I am having a rough time with. Totally Amazing and easy to use.


This is honestly the best hosting I've ever found; it is really cheap and the admin is just an awesome guy. He is friendly and always willing to help with whatever I may need. Couldn't ask for a single thing more with this hosting, and I recommend it to all.


I love this host my tech support has been the guy that sells the hosting. Great guy knows php and has helped me fix a problem with my blog on my site :( great people to deal with. Won't hesitate to renew hosting in little less than a year.


A lot of features, lots of bandwidth and speed for low price = Great value!

Very professional and extremely willing to help. all emails answered promptly and with accurate information.

They just updated the site control panel, and it's very easy to use with lots of features that I control myself. Email setup and management, database setup, chat, forums, lots of good traffic analysis reports, and much more.

I'm glad that I decided to host with them instead of trying to host it myself. I can focus my attention on my business instead of webhosting.

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